Cecil the lion … who really gives a f*ck?

An undated handout photo provided by the Zimbabwe Parks and Wildlife Management Authority on 28 July 2015.

An undated handout photo provided by the Zimbabwe Parks and Wildlife Management Authority on 28 July 2015.

Seriously people, since when did we become that monstrous? Let me make sure I get that clear. We are going to kill a human being because he killed Cecil the lion.

I looked at many pictures of Cecil the lion online. Yes it was a beautiful creature. I am pretty sure his cubs would be better off if he was still around. Many lions have been killed before, and yes 98% of us I assume are afraid of them. Many of us, if we were to be confronted by a lion would have wished to kill that lion in a second. Now I know what you are thinking, he did not attack anyone, he was lured, and then killed.

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I can understand the conservationists and people of Zimbabwe being furious about his death. I can understand all the people who once had the opportunity to see or know about Cecil the Lion to be upset. But the sad truth is, the majority of the people crying out loud, did not even know who Cecil was until the topic becomes sensational. These people are sitting at home with a box of KFC chicks’ thighs, or plate of pork chop behind a computer screen demanding for Dr. Palmer’s death.

But wait…
Pigs and chicks are freaking animals too and we killed them and eat them everyday. Now imagine we had to kill each and every person or butchers who killed any kinds of animals including birds that you guys eat, most likely a lot of us would be dead or simply wouldn’t exist because our ancestors would have been murdered too. All animals are animals and should have been given the privilege to live a safe and wonderful life. Unfortunately, we, human being have decided to give preferential treatment to certain categories and have denied the right to live to certain animals. Now we want a man dead because, he killed a lion we like.
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So please ask yourself honestly:

Is this about love for lions or animals in general?
Is this about love for Cecil the Lion? Or, is this about trending sensational topic?
What about all the war going on this world?
What about people being murdered by others?
What about that 16-year-old girl from Israel who succumbed to her stabbing by a Jewish man during a gay pride parade?
What about abortion?
What about those nine African Americans from Charleston church whom Dylann Roof killed just because he hated who they were? Remind me, I don’t remember anyone going to his house and labeled it all aver calling him murderer. Oh well, who cares? it was 9 f*cking black people. Just another black soul gone… move alone.
Oh wait… What about all these children dying in the poorest countries around the world?
Not your problem I guess.

So who really gives a f*ck?
They are many ways we can deal with that if we want a peaceful world people. Cecil the Lion unfortunately, is gone and there is nothing we can do to bring him back. He was a beautiful and loving creature who can be honored peacefully.
Obviously, majority of the people swearing and asking for Dr. Walter Palmer’s death don’t even give a damn. They just want to finally feel good about hating somebody.
Instead of hating on a brother, how about we do something good to help animals?
How about we ask him to pay a fine five times what he paid to killed Cecil? This would help conservationists protect Cecil’s cubs and other endangered species in Zimbabwe.
How about we let authorities do their jobs and hunt the man themselves? I don’t remember anyone helping authorities to hunt down the two accused killers who escaped from jail in New York recently.

How about we forgive him and hope he does something good in the name of Cecil? I am sure by now the man has learned his lesson.

Lastly, if you care enough and think all lives matter, ask yourself; What would Jesus do?

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