Clemence Design

Summer 2017 Web Special

10 potential clients will each benefit from one of these three services

  1. Static and Responsive HTML/CSS site using Twitter Bootstrap
    • 6 pages or less
    • Additional pages can be added for discounted price
    • Offer Code: HTMLS17
    • Special Price:

  2. Wordpress Website
    • 6 pages or less
    • Additional pages can be added for discounted price
    • Responsive Design
    • All necessary plugins
    • Offer Code: WORDS17
    • Special Price:

  3. Wordpress Blog
    • All necessary plugins including comments plugin
    • Additional pages can be added for discounted price
    • Offer Code: BLOGS17
    • Special Price:

Bring your passion and idea to life. Let the world know what you are about. Services 1 and 2 give you an informative and responsive website with beautiful design that showcases either your work, talent, or services you offer. It also provides means for people to contact you and links to your social media pages.

Even if you don’t sell items online, researches have proven that businesses with an online presence have seen increase in revenue based on conversion rate and talented people have seen an increase in fans and followers when they have a website that is all about them and their talent. Service 3 offers a blog for people who like to write about anything and want to set up a blog where they can speak their mind whenever they want to.

This is a Summer 2017 available on first come first serve basis and is subject to the conditions below.

  • YOU need to mention this offer and provide me with a code in order to benefit from the discounted price.
  • Services ordered will be processed based on the date you sign your contract and pay your deposit. First sign, first served.
  • A customer may benefit from this offer only if at least 50% deposit is made within 5 days of agreement. No deposit, no special offer for you.
  • Any other services Clemence Design normally offers such as logo design, SEO, social media management, website management etc. can be added for additional price.
  • You provide all your contents and agree to be liable for any copyright material infringement including images, videos, you submit to Clemence Design to be added on your website.
  • You agree to all terms in the contract you will need to sign before offer expires on August 31, 2017.
  • This offer does not apply to Ecommerce websites.
  • This offer does not cover web-hosting services, but Clemence Design can guide you in your choice of a web-hosting provider free of charge.
  • Wanna know more? Email me now to get your awesome website.

Pimp Your Social Media Profile

Social Network Cover-Banner-header photo

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linked in, Google+ and more

Your header or profile picture is PUBLIC on most social platforms, therefore it should stand out. It is time you stop struggling and trying to fit your favorite picture. Clemence Design will make it all fit in so nothing is hidden.

  • Your photo designed by a professional with the right software
  • Right sizes –you won’t have to crop, just upload and VOILA!
  • Business and professionals: Include your Logo in your cover, showcase your work in a picture. State your what your business is about, special statement or mission.
  • Individual: Family photo, poster, your favorite picture on the top of Mount Everest can now fit in your cover and you can insert your favorite quote. Yay

Up to 30% of regular prices. Offer ends soon. Special prices are:

  • $40 for Individuals
  • $50 for professionals
  • $70 for Businesses

Please Note

  • This offer can not be combined with other offers.
  • Expires August 31, 2017.
  • Restrictions apply.

For more info: